Is There Ever A Good Time?

Too much distraction 
Lurks everywhere. On screens, 
In my ear, tiny and tinny
Because I still wear those little rubber buds.  

I don't write enough
Because scrolling is addictive. 
FOMO over-rides imagination until
It's time to do something, like make dinner.  

Now push aside dinner's dirty dishes
Grab a notebook and a pen. 
Sit right there among the clutter 
And let your own thoughts ascend.

Pulling Away

It’s calming, it’s cooling, it’s bracing, it’s gritty, it’s the same, it’s different every time it pulls away,

and it makes me realize that I am, too.  ocean-feet-1-2


Vacation With Friends

The slap of lime, a ting on the skin
The lap of the waves, warm with a breeze in the current
Laughter, sweat and the active laziness of summer camp for grown-ups.
Bellies swollen — food babies this time rolling under sunburned skin.  
A Grump at the omelette station — no way, Mon. 
“All Irie.”  Have another drink.  



Get Into The Holiday Groove

Greetings, Napsters!  Here in the U.S. we are ramping up for that quintessential American holiday, Thanksgiving.  In true Can I Take A Nap spirit I invite everyone to join me in my warm up to next Thursday’s holiday with some bad haiku.

Somebody check fast!
Guests arriving in a minute ~
Extra T.P. roll?

Did we forget it?
Check the oven and the ‘fridge
Hidden G.B.C.

House is dark and still.
Foil wrappings crackle too loud!
Midnight sandwich time.

House full of kids’ friends
Loud, laughing. Now they can drink.
Pretend I can’t sleep.

Future Thanksgivings
Everybody gets a leg!
GMO turkey.






Doggerel:  poetry that is poorly written and that often is not meant to be taken seriously


I’m no poet, for sure.

There’s nothing melodious

Or harmonious,

About my lines of verse.


Maybe odious? 

Yet it’s obvious. 

I keep attempting, never-ending

To elicit a laugh,  

With my sorry display

Of wordplay.