Get Into The Holiday Groove

Greetings, Napsters!  Here in the U.S. we are ramping up for that quintessential American holiday, Thanksgiving.  In true Can I Take A Nap spirit I invite everyone to join me in my warm up to next Thursday’s holiday with some bad haiku.

Somebody check fast!
Guests arriving in a minute ~
Extra T.P. roll?

Did we forget it?
Check the oven and the ‘fridge
Hidden G.B.C.

House is dark and still.
Foil wrappings crackle too loud!
Midnight sandwich time.

House full of kids’ friends
Loud, laughing. Now they can drink.
Pretend I can’t sleep.

Future Thanksgivings
Everybody gets a leg!
GMO turkey.






I’m taking a break for a quick post to wish everybody a wonderful Thanksgiving this week.  Whether you are the host or the guest you have an obligation to savor the food and the day.

Hosts:  I know that this week brings a frenzy of planning, cleaning, shopping, searching (for the gravy boat, recipes and table extensions), and cooking.  Your guests are going to love the meal, and you already know the ones you want to join you in the kitchen to “help.”  Please remember to relax and enjoy your guests.

Guests:  I know you are grateful for the invitation and will show up on time, praise the cook, and follow all pertinent instructions.  Please remember to enjoy yourself responsibly and prepare your list of safe conversation topics, unless you want to remembered for the years to come as “THAT” guest.


So, in order to capture the spirit of “pre-Thanksgiving”  (which in many ways brings more laughs and memories that the actual holiday)  here’s a “BEFORE”  photo of a turkey prepped to enter the oven, a symbol of our homespun spirit.

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Foot
Photo Courtesy of Dr. Foot