Good Omens

Today is feeling like a pretty good day.  Maybe it’s the natural order order of things post-Friday the 13th, but a couple of things I’d consider to be good omens have occurred:

1. I replaced my toothbrush on the same day as I opened a new tube of toothpaste.  I don’t know about you, but those last few pitiful squeezes you execute with the old tube are so challenging.  And there’s usually a collar of dried toothpaste with some lint up at the top that keeps that last dollop from plopping out into your brush.  You know, when you stop actively squeezing and the paste drops back into the tube?   You know it happens to all of us who don’t like to waste anything. But, Ahhhh!  The feeling of a new toothbrush is just the best!

2. The post-Easter clearance rack at Wegmans means half-price Peeps!!!  So I got me a pack of green ones.  I love these colorful and extra-sweet marshmallow chickees!  More so to look at than eat actually. Because I have to brush the sticky, sucrose-created bio-film off my teeth soon after eating them.

3. The weather is super nice out today and this weekend leads up to my favorite day on the township sanitation calendar: BULK PICK-UP DAY!!! Where you can leave ANYTHING on the curb and it will be whisked away!  As much as a dame like me loves a trip to the town dump, I like it much better when I only have to haul my garbage to the curb.  So the G-man will be dismantling an old treadmill in between sneezing fits and garage-purging.  Me?  I’ll be inside catching up on Words With Friends and old issues of Rolling Stone.

Oh, and this is my 51st post!  Thank you, my elite army of Nappers for hanging around!

An Army for Good!

Part Mind, Part Monkey

Oy vey, I’ve had the worst case of “monkey mind” today.  You know, the Buddhist term for being too easily distracted by random shiny things.  Days like today make me grateful that I have a day job to pay the bills, because both my mind and body are all over the place.  Yes, some of my activities have to do with maintaining civilized life around the homestead, but the other stuff…. well, here’s a short list in no particular order:

1.  Playing 2 games of Words with Friends — one with spouse in the same house and other with elder Jedi-child (who is STILL whipping my butt, BTW!!)

2.  Ironing a bunch of random clothing that I need to put back into the rotation. Sewing on a button.

3.  Calling my own mother.  Sounds like their neighbor needs to have his gall bladder out, so my Dad is walking their dog(?)   I know, it sounds confusing so I just listen.

4.  Watching the Twitter-verse.

5.  Reading the Sunday papers.  The good news is we dropped the NY Post so there are now only 2 Sunday papers.  The bad news is we replaced it with that other fine Murdoch publication:  The Wall Street Journal.  Even though the Journal doesn’t publish on Sunday they have a souped-up Saturday edition that has a big glossy magazine section…. cue the inner monkey mind.  The reason we dropped the Post was that they jacked the subscription price from $52/year to $200+!!!!  I mean, it’s cheap fun and all delivered to your doorstep, but not THAT much fun.  Funny, once we cancelled, the Journal made us the offer we couldn’t refuse.

6.  Watching the end of Serendipity, while folding laundry.  Don’t judge:  it was that or golf.

7.  Finished The Girl Who Played With Fire.  Excellent!  Reading Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure by Matthew Algeo on the Kindle (in between the 2 WWF games).

8.  Meditating on the future of JCPenney.  Anybody catch those new commercials where people are screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” to all the promotions and sales?  Their new CEO, Ron Johnson, came from Apple and he’s got some new and fresh ideas to shake up this old-timer of retailing.  I’m intrigued and wish him a lot of luck because when I walk by the Apple store I see a lot of help in there, but when I go into JCP I’m lucky to find somebody just to ring me up.

So now it’s almost time to get something going for dinner…. and that’s the weekend.

Wha’ happened? 


May I Have A Word With You?

This holiday break I have become addicted to Words with Friends, thanks to my elder child.  It appears she doesn’t have enough to do in med school since she had trounced me in EVERY game we’ve played to date.  The wordsmithing skills  of the young Jedi have overtaken this Yoda-Mom, but I am not giving up.

In other news, the house has almost achieved full rotation back to normal after the revelry of the New Year.  Warmest thanks to this blog’s fan, “owrp”, who took up the gauntlet and scrubbed 2 greasy free-standing oven pans.  One of these  roasters was the cooking vessel for Miss Hidden Meat 2011:  a Pepsi-Cola throwback (made with 100% cane sugar) slow-roasted pork butt!   Yum!

The tablecloths are washed and folded, the plank is stashed back in the garage and the last of the mac&cheese casseroles is browning in the oven for dinner tonight, and I can’t help but feel warmed by the love of family and friends.  Here’s to 2012:  may all our wildest dreams come true.