This Page Intentionally Left Blank

Do you remember taking standardized tests or reading some arcane documentation and coming to an empty page with those words on it?  The world has left me feeling the need to take a little white space myself.  But before I do, I’m going to comment on the “rule of three” I observed this week. The … Continue reading

Rise Up From Your Recliners!

Welcome to 2015. Like an astronaut returning from deep space and discovering the weakness in her atrophied muscles, I’m returning to this space with a yawn and stretch, (not to be confused with the perky “bend and snap” moves of Elle woods in Legally Blonde) and the motivation of one Mike Helbing. Mr. Helbing was … Continue reading

Facing History

I suspect I’m not alone when a glance in the mirror shocks me, because it’s my mother’s face looking back at me.  Why does this unsettle me?  My mom is a feisty woman.  The first generation of her family to go to college, she became a teacher because that’s what her parents told her to … Continue reading

The Tale of Goldie Fishbein

I never met Tante Goldie, but I’m proud to flash her moniker from time to time. Little Estelle had a beloved aunt named Goldie, her father’s sister. Since Estelle lost her mother at a very young age, the other female adults in her life made great efforts to spend time with her. Estelle and her … Continue reading


I’m taking a break for a quick post to wish everybody a wonderful Thanksgiving this week.  Whether you are the host or the guest you have an obligation to savor the food and the day. Hosts:  I know that this week brings a frenzy of planning, cleaning, shopping, searching (for the gravy boat, recipes and … Continue reading

Fat & Happy

The problem with being fat & happy is that it’s a distraction in itself. I’ve spent the last month and a half doing the following: Picking apples … and eating apples. Reading newspapers. Ignoring TV news (the newspapers picked up this slack) — it was election season and I can no longer take the negative … Continue reading

A Couple of Acorns Sitting Around Talking….

Acorn Elders The current weather wisdom says that the moderate temperatures of this summer are going to lead us into a spectacular fall foliage season.   I can’t wait!  In the meantime I’ve been finding glorious acorns.  This little group reminds me of a cluster of elders waiting for the bus to take them shopping.  It’s … Continue reading

Nothing Smaller than Your Elbow, Please

OK, Napsters, I was on the fence about blogging this but it could be considered a public service announcement. Thanks to Notorious s.t.u. who convinced me to turn it into a post. For the past few months I’ve been reconciling myself to the fact that my sense of hearing is fading. Stands to reason as … Continue reading

Bibbi’s World

Laundromats are a sort of temple.  They provide sanctuary and silence to be with your thoughts.  They have noisy congregations, and quiet times of solitude.  Their incense is the whiff of bleach and fabric softener brought to life by the steam of the dryers.  If you are cold, there is warmth.  If you are stained, … Continue reading

Mercy and Halie

Mercy and Halie were indeed siblings. The eldest of five, they were holding their family together living in a van while their parents tried to find both work and another place to live. Unfortunately these searches were interrupted by their competing needs to stay on their meds or to spend their available cash on self-medication.  Bibbi … Continue reading