Get Into The Holiday Groove

Greetings, Napsters!  Here in the U.S. we are ramping up for that quintessential American holiday, Thanksgiving.  In true Can I Take A Nap spirit I invite everyone to join me in my warm up to next Thursday’s holiday with some bad haiku.

Somebody check fast!
Guests arriving in a minute ~
Extra T.P. roll?

Did we forget it?
Check the oven and the ‘fridge
Hidden G.B.C.

House is dark and still.
Foil wrappings crackle too loud!
Midnight sandwich time.

House full of kids’ friends
Loud, laughing. Now they can drink.
Pretend I can’t sleep.

Future Thanksgivings
Everybody gets a leg!
GMO turkey.






What prompted the expression, “She’s full of piss and vinegar?”    Hear tell that the vinegar part really meant vitality and energy so the expression is positively exuberant (if slightly vulgar.  Perhaps I’d prefer the term “earthy?”) Like it’s grainy hipster cousin, wheat germ, vinegar is good for you.  Many a cold home remedy consists of vinegar to cut through phlegm.  And its acidity is welcome in many recipes — marinades and dressing, especially.    This blog’s esteemed friend, Bunny, has been a booster of vinegar in her home-made cleaning products.  It makes chrome shine and whitens whites on laundry day.  Don’t believe us?  Here’s the link to VinegarTips.com

And a wee bit of public service haiku —

Vinegar, my jug.

Industrial sized value

Cleans up all messes. 





Geriatric Valentine Haiku

Happy Valentine’s Day, Napsters.  I hope you enjoy the day with someone you love.  And if you have a haiku to share, please do.


No need to nag you.

For many years together

Built my tolerance


Kids climb between us.

Our bed, middle of the night.

Now all grown.  Alone again!


One reads.  One surfs ‘Net.

Silence is their visitor

Until a loud “toot” erupts. 


Guerilla Haiku

April is National Poetry Month so I’m getting in on the act by NOT composing my own poor excuse for poetry (see Bad Oscar Haiku post), but by celebrating some ingenious young folks (from NJ!) who are taking it to the streets with Guerrilla Haiku.   Basically a scavenger hunt where the participants leave haiku behind.  In some cases the goal is to get others to participate in the process, and that’s the really cool part.  Can you imagine the person who would say, “No.  Your three lines of poetry are just an intrusion on my busy schedule?”  (although if you check out the link below to Eunice Lee’s article you will find the lead-off comment is from a man who feels these poems are really graffiti, even though they are made with sidewalk chalk.)

The back story/link to Newark Star Ledger article here.

This exercise also brings to mind other crowd- sourced works like postsecret.com or the more personal note-leaving in hotel bibles or library books.  Inspiration is everywhere and we all have a playful creativity inside us that sometimes needs a little coaxing.  So if a stranger comes up to you, and asks if you can spare a couple of syllables, reach into your Broca’s area and pull out a few you’ve been saving for just such an occasion.


Bad Oscar Haiku

In honor of Oscar today’s post is an invitation to my elite followers to join me in composing your cheesiest (or best) haiku featuring some aspect of the Academy Awards, including the red carpet parade, the media hype or anything else you can link to this spectacle. Remember, it’s 5/7/5 syllables in 3 stanzas. Here we go:

Red carpet harpies.
Are those her REAL boobs?
They say what we think.
Tuxedo Junction.
But only George Clooney
Can pull it off best.
My mate is annoyed.
He has no interest.
And no “Shameless” on.
All self-promotion
Celebs on Twitter now.
Keeps them from eating?
Fantasy of mine:
My kid gets the nom: screenwriting.
Takes me as her date.