Abs: Where are they now?

Back when I was in high school we did these little warm-up exercises before every gym class.  We got changed for gym class into something called a gym-suit, sort of a onesie for teen girls.  This was a time before the development of sports bra technology and sweat-wicking fabrics.  I suppose it gave us an illusion of equality since there was noting remotely attractive, let alone sexy about these garments.  Or it made the gym teachers feel like matrons in a women’s prison….. But I digress.

The purpose of these warm-ups, set to some groovy 70’s pop tunes from groups like The Moody Blues and The Doobie Brothers, was to get our muscles ready for the intense square dance routines of gym class proper.  These warm-ups included sit-ups for our abs.  That’s what our stomach muscles were called back then: abs.

Today we don’t have abs anymore.  We have a “core.”  We have rectus and transverse abdominis.  We have multifidis, inner abdominals, deep abdominals and obliques.   Many baby boomers travel back in time to the land of lost abdominals by viewing old pictures of ourselves, over a glass of wine and some delicious cheese.

Don’t get me wrong:  we should not give up and let our bellies go to pot.  But can’t we return to a simpler time and just call them abs?

*RIP —  Gym-suit died a righteous death back in 1976 when segregation in gym class ended and both boys and girls endured the embarrassment of gym class together.



8 thoughts on “Abs: Where are they now?

    1. We had 2 styles: the traditional dark blue woven with the snaps up the front and a blue knit. Strangely enough you put it on by stepping thru the neck. The “top” was a very attractive horizontal stripe and the “shorts” we’re solid blue. To this day I shudder with their memory.

    1. Hi Maggie,
      What a nice surprise this A-to-Z Challenge is! Thank you for swinging by to check out “the Nap.” And, no, we don’t have any fitness requirements here — come as you are!

  1. Ooooo – I hated gym suits and suicides. Hated. Our gym teacher’s torture music of choice was Abba and Olivia Newton John. *shudder*

    1. I almost included a few Google images of gym suits for any youngsters who happen by, but even they were too scary. All I can hear is “Let’s Get Physical!”

    1. Did they come in colors other than blue? Was it a surplus fabric thing? It wasn’t like they hid your sweat or shame…..

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